Have you heard of Zero Degree Curve?

I have known the owner of Zero Degree Curve for quite some time now, and over this time I have come to trust his insights and advice on web design elements and his knowledge of web hosting. I have to say, he really does make it easy to get a footprint on the web.  So, I’m happy to promote his business here on SociaLink’s website. Check out Zero Degree Curve if you are looking for web design or hosting services.  -R


At Zero Degree Curve, we design and host small business websites at an affordable price.

Our goal is to make it easy for small business’s to get a footprint on the web.

We have been hosting and designing small business website for the Waterloo Region for over 10 years.

Zero Degree Curve is here to make getting a presence on the web easy and affordable.

You can visit Zero Degree Curve here.