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I had the pleasure of working with Richard in my capacity as “Director Development and Community Relations, Mission Services of Hamilton.”


Richard Bellemare, of SociaLink was contracted to enhance and monitor our web site as part of our layered community outreach campaign designed to increase public awareness of our human service agency and support our direct mail fund raising efforts.

Richard was successful on all counts providing a cost effective communications tool which resonated with a younger donor demographic.

Richard’s efforts were validated by Mission Services Direct Mail marketing  consultants in California who commented on the cost effectiveness of the site and how it mirrored so well into the other layered segments of the  overall marketing plan.

Richard personally met with the Development team on a regular basis to evaluate the evolution of the site and provide statistics on community hits to the site and recommendations.

I would strongly encourage any social service agency contemplating a review of their website or launching a new web site to contact Richard and his team.


Barry Coe,

·         Media/ Public Relations Consultant

·         Board of Directors, CHML/ Y-108,Fresh FM 95, Children’s Fund.